We made it 7 days into the new school year and today afterschool care called and let me know there was a positive so they have to close for two weeks.

I'm not too surprised by that but I am surprised the kids are still expected to go to school in person. Since they wear masks whatever contact they had with the positive individual is not considered 'close contact' so they only have to do a 'modified quarantine' which apparently just means no extracurricular activities. If we choose to keep them home to protect the other students/staff they would get unexcused absences.

Last year when I thought everything was a little on the overprotective side and there was so much safety for show I followed all the procedures and did as I was told. That was my plan for this year too but my gut is telling me that I should say screw the procedures and keep the kids home. The thought of another year of weighing risks like this makes me want to scream into a pillow.