LO is 11 months. We have a nanny as of now, but he will be starting daycare in 2 weeks! Yikes!

At daycare, they will offer the following:
8:45am Snack (crackers and stuff)
11:15am Lunch (we either order or pack lunch for him)
3:45 pm Snack

As of now,this is our schedule:
630am bottle (usually i'd put him back to bed while I get ready)
800am breakfast
1115am lunch or bottle
1pm bottle or lunch
3:30pm bottle
5:00 dinner
7:15 bottle

So at the pediatrician's today, I asked if I need to give him something before we send him off to daycare. The ped said instead of the bottle, I should give him breakfast first thing in the morning before he is off to daycare....! Which means I should get all ready at 630am and give him breakfast?! For real?

How do you do it and/or if you have any suggestion for our situation?