Let's preface this with the fact that I love my daycare, they are undoubtedly the kindest, most flexible and persevering ladies ever to deal with my kids.

My 4.5 mo DD has been there two weeks. But she still absolutely refuses to drink from a bottle.

Every day I pump at work and then wait for the text "She will not eat. Please come feed her." I only work 8 minutes away, so we make it work. We've tried different bottles, different nipples, different people feeding her, different temperatures, different sippy cups, even spoons and straws. Nothing but the boob will do.

My lovely daycare ladies suggested trying pureed food. She's 4.5 months, so I said I'll send cereal. I mean, you're supposed to wait till 6 months, right?

Today I was waiting for the typical cry for help when I got a picture of her eating some gerber food with a spoon. She ate it! Buuuuuuut, should she?

TLDR: Is it bad that my bottle-hating 4.5 mo is being fed purees at daycare instead of me driving from work to feed her every day?