getting so super anxious about traveling to friends and family houses over the next week for the holidays..

A right now will only eat while asleep and has been refusing a lot lately and taking less milk all together. I really don't ever leave the house because she eats 7 times a day and I have to put her down before each feed so she is asleep during the feeding. - Been in touch with all her doctors about this and that's another huge issue but basically since she's still peeing and making tears and drooling they aren't too concerned, tho I know we are creating a bigger monster by not teaching her how to eat while awake or addressing her aversion. Reflux meds can only do so much..

Anyway, any advice on how to travel with a baby with these needs? I want to be able to at least somewhat enjoy myself and my family but I find that all I am worried about when I'm out is how the next feeding will go..