My DS is 3.5 weeks old. We had a rough start with breastfeeding. He had meconium in his lungs so I didn't get to do skin to skin or feed in the first hour. He didn't feed well in the first few days due to a tongue tie. The tongue tie was clipped and his latch improved, but he lost too much weight and I had to start supplementing.

I was told to pump at every feeding, but I just don't have time and enough help to manage that. I always nurse first and he nurses well now, but he's almost always hungry for more after finishing both breasts.

I love being his mom, but the breastfeeding issues and low supply are still making me feel inadequate. I'm so jealous of moms who have an easy time breastfeeding, like my friend and SIL. I feel guilty that I have to give my baby formula.

We have another LC appointment on Friday and I'm hoping they will have some suggestions. I'm sure others have felt this way. Any suggestions on dealing with it? Suggestions for reading material?