A little background Fi was born in Sept and weighed 7lbs 12oz we decided to breastfeed and i had a nice 3 month maternity leave. at 1 month she weighed 9lbs 6oz, at 2 months 10lbs 8ozs around 3 weeks later (LC weighed her) 11lbs 7oz at her 4 month appt she weighed in at 12lbs 1oz. and she dropped off her percentile track (50th to 25th) and the Dr is having us come back tonight for a weight check. As the day goes on i'm getting more and more nervous.

When we went in for the 4 month appt, she was starting to get a stomach bug and had been puking up most of the day at daycare. January was a tough month in general Fi transitioned to daycare, started teething, spent 2-3 weeks with a head cold and congestion and then this stomach bug.

I had been sending 12 oz of breastmilk to daycare (four 3oz bottles) for 9-10 hours and feeding her right before we left and right when we got home. Doc recommended upping her bottles to 3.5-4oz each and I'm not keeping up pumping wise i get 10-12/day in 3-4 sessions. I've burned through all but 6oz in my freezer.

I have a feeling they're going to tell me that i'll need to start supplementing with formula when i go in today. And while i have no issue if thats what my baby needs it just seems so overwhelming - finding a formula that doesnt upset her stomach, she doesnt take bottles at all from me. I want to continue our nursing relationship but i'm afraid my supply will tank once we introduce formula. Why was nursing enough when i was home with her but now pumped milk is not enough?

Has anyone else gone through this and can offer me support, wisdom from the other side?