We are starting our first IVF cycle, I start leuprolide tonight. Yesterday at my baseline ultrasound, I only showed 4 follicles. Two months ago, I had 9. Our doctor said that although follicle count is one factor for success, it's not the ONLY factor and it wasn't enough for them to want to deviate from our treatment protocol just yet. She did send me to go get an AMH blood draw, and if THAT was crazy low, do more diagnostic testing.

I'm 31, never been pregnant, and although I want to keep my expectations fair for this all working out, I burst into tears yesterday when I saw the low follicle count. I'm totally expecting now to have a low AMH (although I don't know yet).

Anybody have IVF success with low follicle count? With diminished ovarian reserve? What did it take to have a successful cycle?'

How do I stay sane through this whole process?