hi guys! i'm still trying to figure out good ideas for food for my 13-month old son. would you guys mind sharing what a typical day looks like for your kiddos?

this is a typical day for my LO (although how much he eats
versus how much he throws on the floor is still up for debate)

7 AM (or whenever he wakes): 5 oz milk, followed by cereal mixed with applesauce and water.

11 AM: 5 oz milk, followed by a veggie snack (either a Dr. Praeger spinach pancake, a frozen veggie (crinkle cut carrots, cauliflower), a homemade zucchini muffin, or if i'm pressed for time, a jar of baby food vegetables)

12ish: half a grilled sandwich (cheese and low-sodium turkey, just a cheese sandwich, maybe a tuna melt, maybe a tortilla with cheese and black beans) or cheese omelet

3 PM: 5 oz milk, followed by a fruit (he'll usually eat a whole pear or nectarine or peach, minus the skin)

4 PMish: another small "meal" like at 12pm

7 PMish: bites of whatever DH and I are having for dinner; if we're out at a restaurant he'll get at least one pack of Mum-mums; we may have also brought along a strip cheese for him.

7:30: 5 oz milk

And he drinks water throughout the day and if he seems to be fussy he'll get some Zweiback toast or some puffs/Cheerios.

I know I'm relying on cheese too much but it makes everything stick together so he's more likely to eat the meal instead of dissecting it and throwing 80% of it on the floor.