I EFF my 7 week old baby and he's typically eating every 3 hours about 3-4.5 ounces. However sometimes, especially lately in the evenings, he gets very fussy and hungry quickly again and I give him a small top up which settles him. So maybe a couple ounces about an hour or hour and a half after his last feed.

My question is, for those who've experienced this, how much did you usually give at the next feed? Does the clock reset after the in-between feed and the next full feed would be at 3ish hours from then? Or is it OK to give the full feed again at 3 hours from the start of the first full feed (and is that the point I should expect him to be hungry)? The schedule is helpful because it keeps me sane and also because I can't always read his cues of hunger vs fussing so wondering what others have done. He has reflux so I don't like to overload his tummy but also want him to eat if we needs it! These evening snacks have thrown me since he was pretty much a 3-hour time bomb before, and still is the rest of the day.