I know I haven't posted in years and the board is a lil dead but I'm a bit desperate here. Tldr: are false squinter positives on the FRER a real thing now? I saw a thread from 2020 about it but hoping for more recent input. I haven't been TTC since 2017.

DH had a vasectomy in Feb. We didn't have sex the required 20 times to "clear him out" before his test on May 25th, but he promised he took care of things on his own. His test results were like, zero, all set, "low low low" dr said we were in the clear. Got my period June 1, but no sex for all of june due to covid and travel. Havent had a period since June 1, which i assumed was due to covid and travel. I have 3 different squinter positives that my 3 best friends and my husband can all see the 2nd line. All FRER, different boxes. Wondfos and blue dye tests negative.
Urologist nurse said it was basically impossible.