Hey there ladies. I need some more help. My boys are 1 month old and I was told by the pediatrician that they aren't gaining enough weight... we were instructed to supplement them with 1-2 oz of formula after each nursing session to help plump them up. One of my twins was also diagnosed with reflux, the poor guy.

Now that the boys have gotten bottles so frequently, I think they're getting used to the easier flow of the bottle nipple vs my nipple. They latch on, suck for a little while, then fall asleep and fall off. Twenty minutes later they're awake and screaming because they're hungry again since their nursing session was minimal.

I also think my supply is dwindling. I started taking More Milk Plus 3 days ago but I don't see a difference yet.

I'm wondering if I should start exclusively pumping so they get the benefits of the breast milk but the ease of the bottle. Plus, DH has been able to help and it's been wonderful.

Did you start out EBFing and moved to EPing? How did you manage? What pump do/did you use? How did you up your supply?

I need some (more) reassurance and guidance! Thanks!