Hi ladies. I need some help. LO will be one month old on Friday. I am EBFing using a shield because of latch issues. At our first pediatrician appt a few weeks ago our doctor told me to pace out LOs feedings to every 2-3 hours rather than feeding on-demand. I have found this to be impossible! Some days it seems he is fussy unless he is eating. Is this normal? He has regular wet and dirty diapers and had gained a pound at our second appointment so I'm confident he's getting enough food. So first question: is constant eating normal/ok? Should I pace his feedings or go with my gut and feed on demand?

Second question: sometimes after a long BF session he spits up a lot and has bad gas that makes him very fussy so its a vicious cycle of him constantly eating then spitting up and being fussy from gas these past two weeks. The doctor said not to be concerned about the spit up but sometimes it seems like so much! Could the spit up and gas be attributed to something I'm eating? Everything I have read says a mother's diet does not attribute to gas in the baby but when I called the pediatrician the nurse said not to eat foods that cause gas. So what do I do? Is daytime fussiness and gas normal? (He usually sleeps in 2-3 hours stretches at night). I also try to burp him a lot unless he feeds till he falls asleep. I also feed using the football hold and try and hold him upright. I have done the bicycle legs technique to help him pass the gas but it just makes him mad and I just bought gripe water yesterday...not sure if that will help or not. When he is fussy he is usually dry, fed and swaddled.

And lastly my neurotic mind is worried that maybe these symptoms are due to a dairy allergy. His BM are seedy and yellow, no rashes or other signs of this but spittig up, gas and fussiness but he had a pretty good day yesterday and I hadn't had any dairy the day before so of course I think that's why.

Basically I am a FTM questioning and worrying about everything. Any help/advice is appreciated!