I could go on and on because I’m thinking about this way too much, but has anyone had thoughts about using a fully virtual option or homeschooling next year?

I realize this is a privileged question to ask, and to have these options. But I’m curious for anyone else in the same boat.

Several districts near us have announced their fall options will be full attendance (no hybrid or split schedule) or full virtual. I know many working parents will have to choose full in-person, and I’m not sure what we’ll do if those are the options our district gives as well - our state and county are in a worsening virus situation, so maybe it won’t even matter, but the state seems pretty determined to open no matter what.

But for this post, I’m really asking about fully virtual school. I know it will be setup differently than the spring crisis schooling. My gut is that for kids in K and 3rd though, having to zoom into a classroom even a few hours a day will be challenging. That even though I’m not as good of a teacher, 1-1 face time might make true home schooling preferable in terms of the academic portion. I know so much of K especially is not about academics and those would be missed in any environment that isn’t in person. But committing to a whole year of homeschooling (especially if we’re actually trapped in the house) is pretty daunting!

Sorry for the ramble. Anyone else thinking about this?