I discovered a gap in my 9 year old's knowledge today that surprised me. After going away to sleep away camp for 12 days I've been trying to increase her independence and let her try more new tasks. Today when I dropped her off at summer camp I asked if she wanted to dial in to my conference call for me. (Darn 9am meetings and 9am drop off). Usually I click a link on my work phone but that's MIA so I went old school dialing. I handed her the number and my phone with the dial pad screen up. She just looked at it and back at me. Then she asked "what do you mean 'dial a number'?" OMG, I had no idea she had no clue how to dial a phone (skipping the fact that it's called dialing). She has DH's number memorized and she can press the 'Emergency Call' button on my phone but I guess I've never demonstrated punching in the numbers because everything is in contacts or a link these days.

Have you discovered any funny gaps in your kids' knowledge?