Today, I received a note from DD1's teacher at daycare asking that all the little girls wear shorts under their dresses and skirts because the kids are starting to notice undergarments with increasing curiosity. It's supposed to provide an extra layer of privacy during playtime.

I'm extremely uncomfortable with this, both as a woman and a parent. I don't like the idea of promoting that girls (DD1 is 3.5) need to wear extra layers for "privacy" and "modesty." I do try to make sure she is dressed appropriately and I usually send her with shorts under her skirts/dresses anyway, but today we didn't have any clean ones and she wanted to wear a dress, so she went with just undies. Me sending her with shorts is for her comfort, not because it's supposed to be more modest.

Am I way off base? It feels icky. Also, I'd like to note that this is a daycare center, not a school with a dress code. And I do plan on bringing it up with the director/assistant director.