So my birthday is April 10, and I'll be almost 16 weeks! We'd love to reveal what we're having (if it's somewhat obvious) on Easter to family. If baby is measuring correctly, the day before easter I'll be 15w3d. There's an ultrasound place nearby (3d) that does gender ultrasounds as early as 15 weeks.

I've seen some bees on WB that had early gender ultrasounds and they were correct. I've google searched a TON of images, and for the most part, if they get a good shot it's a pretty clear picture.

I'm not posting this to have people talk me out of it, I know it's relatively early. However, we have an anatomy ultrasound somewhere around 18 weeks, so it's more for fun (and possibly a fantastic birthday present!)

Has anyone had experience with getting an early ultrasound?