Hi all - I feel a bit lost and Hellobee has always been my favorite parenting resource... Have any of you been down the path of raising a gifted child? If so, do you have any preferred resources? Facebook groups, books, websites, blogs?

As many of you know, we have two girls the same age. One started reading independently around her 4th birthday and the reading took off so fast that we got quickly overwhelmed. We spoke to her PK-4 teacher about it and didn't get much from that. At the same time, the confidence level of our other girl was getting absolutely crushed as she wasn't reading at the same level as her sister.

As a result, we opted to have both girls tested (WPPSI-IV). The results just came back, and the daughter who is reading is officially "gifted" while the other is "bright".

The school that we had the girls in for preschool is the same that we will be sending for kinder (and this school goes all the way up to 12th grade). Talking to other parents at this school (and the PK-4 teacher last year), it doesn't sound like they do much for gifted children. We are planning to send the test results on to the head of school to better understand what is available and ask for a conversation, but I really don't want to mis-step in any way.

Any advice? I don't know what I'm doing, and we're already noticing distracted/bored behavior from our gifted child and definitely feel this needs to be addressed before it spirals... I also have a lot of anxiety and worry about navigating my other child's confidence as all this progresses.