Since my husband and I are choosing to use IVF in order to have kids because we're both thalessemia carriers, I've begun the process of researching IVF and the various clinics we may end up using.

I just wanted to share a book I found that has been very valuable as far as explaining how the process works, the different protocols, and reasoning behind why certain drugs/protocols are better than others. The book also goes into some detail about various causes of infertility and how this particular doctor uses different protocols on his patients with each of the different conditions.

It is a dry read and pretty scientific. It probably makes more sense to those of you actively in the IVF process now than it does to someone like me who isn't quite there yet. Regardless, I wanted to share since it seems like sometimes REs are not always the best at answering questions. There is also so much information being presented in a short appointment that it can be hard to digest. I found this book to be helpful.

In Vitro Fertilization: The A.R.T of Making Babies (Assisted Reproductive Technology)
Geoffrey Sher MD, Virginia Marriage Davis RN, MN & Jean Stoess MA

I did a quick google search for Dr. Sher and he seems to be pretty well regarded in the field.

Just wanted to pass this along in case you may be interested. Sticky baby dust to all of you lovely ladies!