I've had a frustrating few days. Last week, we decided that to give me a break, DH would give DD a bottle of formula for one of her nighttime feedings. She is (for the most part) only waking up twice at night (yay for that). When DH gives her the formula at night, she conks out for 3-4 hours after eating 3oz. The last couple of days, she's been BF-ing nearly non stop in the morning and the evening. I feed her for 15+ mins on a side, she gets sleepy, then wakes up STARVING 30 mins later. Just now I fed her on both sides and then had to give her formula.

I'm starting to worry that my supply isn't keeping up with her. Pumping hasn't worked out too well so far, I had one day where I got 3oz in a session, but the usual for an ENTIRE day is about 2-3oz (usually pumping 2 times after nursing)...and that's when I can fit pumping in in between her marathon feedings.

She has plenty of wet diapers and is gaining weight like a champ (9lbs at her appt on Sat!), so I'm not sure if she is just going through a comfort nursing phase... or just changing up her routine to cluster feed...or if it's me.

I'm drinking oodles of water and eating oatmeal every day.

How did you know if your supply wasn't enough?

EDIT: LO is 3w 3days old