I was wondering if anyone has had luck with Care.com caretakers/babysitters? I have many (read as "an ungodly amount of" 🀣) commitments and physican appointments each month. DH and I have an arrangement, as when I am working a friend watches DS (3.75 years) and when I have appointments, DH takes time off from work. Our closest family is over 3 hours away and I dislike imposing on people with my children. In so many words - we have NO ONE to watch DS or DD in case of emergencies. Anyway, I signed up for Care.com before speaking with a few friends of whom shared differing opinions. One felt her babysitter was spectacular and she ONLY uses that woman whenever she goes out. Another said, "You get what you pay for. If you are paying $10 an hour, expect the minimum." She detailed a lady who was really nice but didn't really interact with her 7 year old, rather they just watched TV for 4 hours. My last friend had a horrible experience. After the sitter left, she found that mini vodka "nippers" were stolen from her liquor cabinet, as well as, was a pair of earrings she had left by her sink in HER bathroom while getting ready! She called the police AND reported the woman to Care.

DH and I have an RE appointment together coming up and have to attend sans children SO it is necessity that I find a quality sitter AND SOON. I was just wondering, has ANYONE had luck with babysitters, caregivers, nannies, etc from Care?