I wasn't sure what board to put this under! But I need some help. My girl is 9 months and I'm pregnant. My supply has plummeted and when I breastfeed I start having cramps similar to early labor and my docs think it's time I wean. I'm having a hard time. I didn't want to wean but I also can't starve my girl. I have a freezer stash that we will be going through and have a donor lined up. My goal is to get her breast milk for a year...so 3 more months. The pediatrician said she probably needed between 20-28oz a day. I've always fed on demand so I don't really know how to do her bottles. She seems to take anywhere between 4-6oz in a bottle. Any advice? Tips? Do I defrost bags the night before in the fridge for the following day? I am SO lost and overwhelmed