So I think what happened was that I happened to sign up my 3 year old for soccer on the one day since birth when my 11-month-old woke up only ONCE the night before (usually we're talking 2-3 night wakings), and I was feeling invincible, like if only I could ever get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time, surely I could do ANYTHING.
So I'm signing up for soccer, and there's space to check what kind of things you'd be willing to volunteer for, like "phone tree" or "snack coordinator." My dumb ass checks the box for "Assistant coach."
Let us note that I have literally never in my life played soccer. As in, not even in middle school gym class. Never, ever, ever. I know you're not supposed to use your hands, and I can name two soccer players (Pele and David Beckham). That's all I got.
But I figured, "assistant coach" can't be that hard, right? Someone else will figure out what to do with the kids, and I'll just make sure they aren't hitting each other or running away.
Only not enough people signed up as head coach, so I got paired with someone else whose background and reasoning is more or less identical to mine and we are CLUELESS.
I've read a ton of websites with suggested drills and games for soccer-playing preschoolers, but I would love more feedback from anyone who has played soccer or been around 3 year olds playing soccer... have your coaches had any particular games, drills, practices, policies etc. that you've particularly liked? That you've disliked? All ideas/suggestions so very much appreciated!