Sorry this is a little long:
We switched our son from one home day care to another when he turned 4 so that he could be around more kids his age. The old daycare he was at was fairly new (it was a friend of ours) and he got a lot of one on one time in the beginning, but then all her new clients were babies. At the start of the "school year" we put him in another home daycare where he actually knows two of the kids that already go there. Two weeks into it he started asking to go back to the old day care... we've tried to ask him at that time what was wrong and he would just state that he just liked the older one better.
Fast forward two months later the current daycare provider started sharing her concerns with us. She stated that "something usually happens every day" and was concerned with his lack of eye contact and listening and even his motor skills. This sort of freaked my dh out he thought that there could be a possibility that he was autistic and that we missed all the signs. So we went to get him evaluated through our county and they cleared him, stating he was a normal 4 year old, yes he may get upset but that's normal for 4 year olds and gave us pamphlets on how we may manage it. We told the daycare provider this and she still seemed to think there was something wrong with him. It has come to the point where he hit another kid at daycare and the kid is telling his dad that he doesn't want to go anymore, of course his dad is furious and we will be writing a letter to him to apologize.
So, what we are struggling with is if we should switch daycare for him again because it seems like this one is just not working out. There's a lot of "negative" feelings and I'm thinking maybe the way that the provider disciplines isn't working for my son or am I just being too sensitive about the whole thing? I do want to add that I'm currently pregnant and expecting the 2nd real soon, so there are A LOT of changes going on for all of us right now, I'm not sure one more change should be added to the mix.
Any advice or experience on this would be greatly appreciated.

TLDR: Son is acting up in daycare, affecting other kids/provider, it has been two months, should we pull him out?