This is a horrible post to write...
Yesterday an 18 month old girl drowned at daycare. The latest I've heard is that they got her heart beating but there is no brain activity.
Our in-home daycare provider had an above-ground pool and kept the ladder out so no kids could get in. Her adult kids used it this weekend and left the ladder out. She and the 6 kids walked from the house to the garden to pick peas when she noticed the little girl was missing, and found her face-down in the pool, She did CPR until the ambulance arrived but couldn't get her to breathe.
She is obviously distraught over this (as am I) and may not continue to offer daycare. We loved her, my 8 month old son loves her, as well as all of the kids, she has been in daycare for 20+ years and I have never heard anything bad about her. She loves all of the kids as well.
I hate the idea of finding a new sitter when we love her so much. To continue with her (assuming this is an option) I would NEED the pool to be gone but I think I would feel comfortable doing so as this was an accident. We are also considering a center but may not be able to get in at this point, or a new in-home daycare run by a mom of 3.

What would you do?