My 18 mo has been in a home based daycare since November after we pulled her from a center at the beginning of Covid, when she was 4 months old. We got a call today that we’re at the top of the waitlist for the best center in our area (seriously this place is awesome—they have classroom bunnies for toddlers and older, daily yoga, a kid sized climbing wall, a special music teacher, a beautiful playground, etc.) and they have a spot for us. I’m on the fence, though, about whether to take it. I like the provider we’re currently with and feel bad about leaving even though she would definitely fill the spot, and my daughter seems to do well there. She’s a timid kid (Covid baby) and I worry about the change and the busier atmosphere, but it also could be really good for her. We’re also planning to move to be closer to DH’s work in 2022 or 2023, and might want to change for that (though we wouldn’t NEED to) and I certainly don’t want to change her over and over. It’s just a lot to mull over, and I’m curious what others think especially if you’ve changed daycares before.