Second time mom here. In all of my reading about baby sleep, I’ve never understood how putting your baby down to sleep “drowsy but awake” works. Is it just my babies for whom this doesn’t work? It just seems like this unattainable goal that all sleep experts seem to say we should strive toward! But some parents seem to make it work, but how??

LO2 is 6w, and I do often try to put her down drowsy but awake, but then she cries and will not go to sleep this way, ever. LO1 was the same way. Both of them need/ed to be rocked completely to sleep. Drowsy but awake never worked for us! Can someone tell me what I’m not getting??

(I ended up sleep training LO1 at 5.5 months to great success and he’s been a great sleeper since, and I plan to do the same with LO2.)