Hi I was an active member of Hellobee and I now have a 3 year old. We are experiencing Secondary infertility. I'm now 41 have DOR.

Cycle #1 was cancelled due to slow response.
Cycle #2 changed protocol. Retrieved 8 eggs. 5 mature and fertilized, 3 made it to day 5 and then stopped growing due to the quality of egg.
My doctor is suggesting we change the protocol from Estrogen priming, with femara, 150 menopur, 300 gonal F, Cetrotude to
Estrogen priming, microdose lupron, HGH, 150 menopur, 450 gonal F.

Has any one had success with the HGH? Did it improve the quality of eggs?

Or is there anything else that has helped you to improve the quality of your eggs?