I'm having mixed feelings about what to do for school for my now-kindergartener next year and curious if anyone is in a similar situation. We homeschooled this year, and it's gone surprisingly well. My daughter is thriving with it academically, and it's worked well for our family. (She's a very sensitive, intense kid - this could have gone many ways!)

I think our public schools are getting kids back in person five days a week in the fall, though now they're somewhere between 2-4 days a week now, and some kids are still all virtual. I'd assumed when we decided to homeschool this year, that we'd enthusiastically re-enroll her in public school when we could next year. And now I'm not so sure. She's thriving with homeschooling, and I feel like we've really hit our stride for how she's learning. I've found some homeschool co-op opportunities with some drop-off enrichment classes for that will (hopefully) be more possible as covid conditions improve, and I feel like might be a really good fit for her next year. I'm also hopeful that regardless of what her school situation looks like, we can get back to art/dance/sports kind of classes at some point soon. My daughter is a slow merger in general, and whatever we do for school in the fall, I'm trying to think through ways now to take steps to prepare her for getting out and about more.

When I think ahead, I don't picture homeschooling in the long run...but it's working really well right now, so I'm feeling torn about where to go from here. If we're going to jump back into public school at some point, I do wonder if going ahead and getting in the routine when everyone is getting back in the swing of things in the fall is better. I don't want to miss a window of opportunity to get plugged into a school community or help her get settled in routines at school, if it's something we do picture in the long run. On the other hand, homeschooling is working well...and very few things have come easily for us with our daughter, so it's hard to think about changing it up.

I thought the school decision last year was tough, but I'm having an even harder time thinking it through for next year...and that's surprised me. Anyone going through something similar? Any ideas about other things to think through in this?