Does anyone send their kid to public school but also work through some type of homeschooling plan after school? My DD is in K but due to issues with her school building it’s been closed the past 2 weeks, next week is vacation, and though they will be open after that it will be mostly babysitting and not full learning for a few more weeks at least because of issues with the building / teachers needing time to set up new classrooms. DD is super bright, reading at a 2nd grade level and was doing awesome at school. Her teacher was doing an awesome job keeping her interested, but now with all the school craziness things are going to be different. In an ideal world I’d just pull her out and homeschool her the rest of the year, but we can’t afford for me to not work. Is it crazy to send her to school and then work through some kind of curriculum ourselves after school? We get her off the bus at 3 everyday so have 2 hours alone with her before her siblings get home! Any suggestions on what type of things to do are much appreciated!