I was just wondering what everyone did sleep in/ intends to sleep in, in hospital? At home I sleep in a light tank and my knickers- sorry I don't know what you guys call underpants, haha! I know I'll be in a ward for the duration of my time in hospital, before delivery if needed, and after. I don't have €1100 for a single room! Anyhoo, I'm stuck on the nightwear. I hate long nighties, so I suppose knee length ones might not kill me. I had thought of using tanks with light pj bottoms- pj tops are out, specially long sleeved ones, I think I'd go insane. But now I'm wondering if pj bottoms are just totally impractical, given the area of my body of most interest during this time! I'm statistically quite likely to have a C section too - more common for twins and multiples- so I will have more nights in hospital, and probably more checks by nurses/midwives/doctors/ random people. Also, I intend to breastfeed, so I would need my boobs to be easily accessed, but definitely easily covered, in a ward situation. So I had thought of nursing tanks with more-or-less coordinating ok bottoms, but the doc access issue stops me.
I never thought so much about sleep clothes! Any ideas/advice for me?