LO is nearly 14 months and does not like milk. At all. I'm getting a bit worried about her calcium intake as she doesn't like yogurt either and is pretty picky with cheese, although she will eat toasted cheese sandwiches made with mild cheddar without fuss.

I know the standard rule is to mix whole milk with breast milk or formula and gradually increase the whole milk until they are drinking it straight, but LO has never had formula and my supply of frozen BM was long gone by the time she hit a year (I stopped pumping around five months). I wasn't too worried whilst she was still BF'ing but we completely weaned nearly three weeks ago and I still can't get her to drink any milk. I even tried mixing it with a bit of chocolate milk to see if she would take it, but no luck.

So, any advice on how to get a 14 month old to drink whole milk, without mixing it with BM or formula? I'm not opposed to formula in the slightest, but she has never had it and I imagine she will have a similar reaction to it as she has to milk. I do put milk in her morning cereal and will add it to meals when she has thick soups or something along those lines, but I'd really love for her to start drinking it straight.