LO is 19 months now. He used to gobble down a 4-5 oz cup of milk after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so it would have been 12-15 oz of milk a day.. It was perfect because pediatrician wanted us to limit it to 17-18 oz max. Recently his habits has changed: He still gobbles down 4-5 oz (or sometimes more on weekends) at breakfast, 4 oz at lunch, he would barely drink any at/after dinner, maybe 1-2 oz (sometimes really a few sips). So his day adds up to 7-11 oz of milk a day. I don't even know if that's enough?

Should we still watch toddler's milk intake like a hawk, or is it pretty much OK considering he is probably taking in calcium in other foods as well? (He does eat about 1 cup of yobaby yogurt a day). How much is your toddler drinking?