My 16 month old daughter is a cutie clementine addict! She will eat 5 or more at a time! She has started getting terrible diaper rash from all the citrus, and her poop is pure orange bits, nothing else. If we are home she refuses all other food, including favorites like peas, string cheese, crackers and even cookies. She stands in the kitchen in front of where the fruit bowl is on the counter (she can't see it, she knows where it is) and tantrums for cuties. For hours!

Today I've cut her off at 2. And she has been in full tantrum for 30min, clinging to the cabinets and trying to climb up to get more. She is still young, so I can't reason with her.

Any recommendations on how to handle this? Keep feeding her cuties and nevermind the rash and poop issues? Cut her off entirely and suffer toddler wrath, including total food strike? Thanks!