Help! I think the baby is broken. She slept 10-12 hours basically every single night from 2.5-4.5 months. Then the 4mo regression hit and then she got a nasty cold/ cough. And now she wakes up wanting a bottle at 10-11 and 3-4. I've been giving her the bottles because i felt bad she was sick and I think it soothes her throat. But she is 5.5 months and 19 lbs, eating solids and drinking 36-42 oz/day. She's can't possibly be hungry, so at this point I think I've created a new, bad habit. How do I fix this? I'm so tired that I have very little willpower at the moment. She puts herself to sleep wonderfully, so we are good there. Naps and nighttime, even after night wake ups, she goes back in her crib awake and gets herself to sleep without fussing. Help! I need to sleep again!