My milk was slow to come in when I first had my son. It finally seemed to come in enough to feed him after 2-3 weeks, but never a ton it seemed; when I missed a feeding and pumped instead, it was only 3-4oz combined. I never thought much about it cause I always heard that the body will produce as much as is demanded by feeding... but once LO got older and more distracted, he didn't seem to eat for very long, 3-4 minutes. Everyone then told me that they get more efficient at eating and that it's fine. Now he's 10m, been eating a good amount of solids and he only eats like 2m a lot of times before he pulls off and wants to go play. My mom was convinced that he couldn't possibly be getting enough, so wanted to give him a bottle of formula with means and I went a long with it to see if he would drink it. And he guzzles it! Right after nursing both sides, he will down another 3-4oz and eat his meal. If he's taking more formula, does that prove that he's not getting enough milk from me? I'm really worried that I've been starving him of milk now.