I am six weeks post baby and am stopping breast feeding for a slew of reasons. I've been exclusively pumping (the primary reason)-- it's really hard to parent two children while tethered to a pump... Anyway, I was pumping about 14 ounces a day (I never responded well to the pump so I've been supplementing since we were discharged from the hospital).

Right now I have cabbage on my breasts and I pumped about an ounce this morning to relieve pressure.... with my son I stopped later and after the pump had forced me to wean (I was putting out about 4 ounces in two hours of pumping a day while working / at bedtime) and had no engorgement to speak of / no leaking / nada. This time I am leaking a bit and am just looking for some anecdotal stories as to when I can expect to feel a bit better!