Any other moms out there (especially WOHMs or EPers) want all the pumps? How many did you end up with and use reguarly?

I'm putting together a (private) registry for baby #2 for the completion discount and am trying to talk myself out of adding the Freestyle b/c I already have two double electrics to start with. I still have the PISA I used for over a year with DS (need to buy new parts) and a brand new Sonata I got through insurance. But the Freestyle would be so easy to carry around on odd outings! I pumped 3+ times a days for a little over 13 months with DS, so it sounds so nice to have a pump for work (Sonata), a pump for home (PISA), and a travel pump (Freestyle) this time around. The Spectra sounds amazing too if I weren't so invested in all the Medela accessories Breast pumps are covered by my FSA, so it feels like it's "free" to get a third pump even though I know it's not really. Has anyone else out there amassed a collection or am I crazy?