Hi guys , my last period was on the 19th of May 2016, i am very irregular with my periods (always have been ) so no clue when I really ovulated but i felt very turned on around 6th of June to 9th of June when I had sed every night , got a negative prgnancy test on Sunday the 12th, but then 2 faint faint positives on clearblue plus on 16th of June, did a digital on the Saturday 18th which came back pregnant one to two weeks , since then been doing stick tests which have gradually got darker but nowhere near as dark as control line which worried me , (altough a futher clearblue plus on the Monday the 19th showed quite dark , since then to today the stick tests have stayed the same colour , i went into hospital yeturday with Brown bleeding which has calmed down today they took my bloods and have me a HCG reading of 85 and i have to go back I 3 days for another test , just womdering when does the test line go as dark as control ( what HCG level) and does everything soumd ok ? Very worried it will end in misscarriage.cheers all