I've been sweating Scribble's weight gain, as y'all all know. Well he's been striking the past few days, I think thanks to teething (we're on tooth six right now and he's only nine months old!) and also my period reduced my supply for a few days. Anyway, he hadn't gained in a week, has only gained 2 ounces in 10 days. But today I get him on the scale and he's gained ten ounces?? He wasn't wearing anything and since he is striking, he hadn't eaten much either. I guess he could poop it all away, but yesterday I weighed him and then he pooped a massive one, and he "lost" three ounces. So even if he did poop, it seems he may have gained like, five or more ounces overnight. Is that possible? He did have a massive dinner last night. Today no solids because he is striking HARD.