I gained 32lbs and jumped to 37lbs that last week with pre-eclampsia. The midwife said that last 5lbs was water weight. I lost 27 of the 37lbs by two weeks. I hadn't been eating a whole lot as evidenced by when my supply drops because I didn't eat enough at work that day. I did have a latte a couple times a week for a few months so I'll give you that. But, I can't wrap my head around how I would then gain back 23 of those pounds in 8months when breastfeeding burns 500-calories, and I really don't have that big of an appetite. And I'm still walking, doing yoga here and there, and some barre. My energy levels are down too. I just looked up side effect of Mirena. Weight gain may be a side effect. Has anyone contributed weight gain to their Mirena?