Ahh! I've never been slim, but I worked hard during my pregnancy to limit overeating and was able to eat very healthy—lol with all that pre-baby time on my hands! Within two weeks after birth, I had lost all of the 20 pounds I had gained during pregnancy.

Little did I know I had the hardest baby ever in store for me and I barely made it through the first year. I was intensely sleep deprived and so stressed and miserable and I guess my only escape was eating, because I gained thirty pounds.

I was brave enough to step on the scale tonight and am shocked at the number! Making some changes immediately, but I don't know how to start with a 12 month old on my hands. Normally I would hit the gym 3-4 times a week but I'm not sure I can even find the time and expense for once a week. The weather is getting cold, too. I was going on lots of walks with my baby but obviously it wasn't helping!

I'm starting with calorie counting but I know my body is so slow to lose weight and I'll miss being able to work out when I want to.

Have any of you gained AFTER childbirth due to prolonged stress? I finally feel like my head is above water for the first time in a year... and the view is not pretty!