So I am apparently one of those women who does not lose that much weight breastfeeding and instead holds onto everthing she's got. To make matters worse, I'm a stress eater, and our recent struggles with CIO have just had me in the corner chowing down, even if it's on the few "junk" foods I allow in the house like Product 19.

In the past (pre-baby), my way of "resetting" after a particularly bad few weeks was to go low carb for a few weeks -- to break the habits, get rid of the stress weight, and hopefully get me into a healthier mode. The problem is that now, as I understand it, if I do low carb successfully (and send my body into ketosis), I'm producing toxins for my baby... so obviously, no low-carb for me. He's 7 months now, and I'm hoping to breastfeed until he hits 1 yo.

Any ideas for healthy dieting for breastfeeding? I'm already on WW (have been for years), just finished Couchto5K, etc.