This is my first time posting, so please forgive me in advance for any blunders I make as I figure out this world.

I am a mama of an 18MO and 30 weeks pregnant with twins! We found out at 22.5 weeks we are having twins, so to say it's been a whirlwind is an understatement! As we gear up (literally and figuratively) to welcome our twin littles, I am in need of advice/stories.

I was able to nurse my 18MO until she was just about a year, and we had extra BM stored up from pumping so we never gave her formula. I am slowly preparing myself mentally (and financially) that we may have to at the very least supplement or completely go with formula feeding the twins. Ideally, I'd like to nurse as long as possible, BUT the idea of nursing twins seems like an unknown mysterious world to me!

Please share with me your experiences and any tips you have for nursing twins.

Did you tandem feed? Did you do one at a time? Did you supplement? Did you pump? Any mommas out there exclusively pump? Did you ever nurse outside the home - what was that like?!

Thanks in advance!