I sent my one year old LO to her new daycare with cloth diapers. The handbook says only all-in-one cloth diapers are allowed. They sent them back home saying, "Sorry, cloth diapers are against DHS regulations". I knew this wasn't right since we used them at all the other facilities, however I wanted to make sure since there were some recent regulation revisions. I called Daycare Licensing at DHS and they assured me that cloth diapers are neither forbidden nor required; each facility can decide whether they want to do them or not.

So I talked to the director today, and she insists DHS told me wrong. She says she has no idea how all those other places "get away with it", and shows no interest in exploring the issue. Just keeps saying, "Sorry, it isn't up to me."

I decided to read the regulations myself, and they are banned for sick care facilities only. If she doesn't want to do cloth diapers, that's fine, but it bothers me that she is making this erroneous claim. We like the daycare otherwise since they are more in tune with the research on healthy childhood development.

So, how much would this issue bother you?