So after our shower this past weekend I completed my stash of bum genius free times and have accumulated 32 diapers over the past 7ish months. Baby is due in 3 weeks and i'd like to get them prepped even though we wont be using them for a few weeks after she's born. We have a a HE top loader and plenty of space in the basement or out back to do drying racks. So here are my questions and feel free to link any posts or blogs that would help me answer these questions

1. How do I prep the diapers?
2. Should i split into two loads - light and dark? or are they pretty color fast
3. Whats your favorite detergent (bonus points if i can find it in target or supermarket)?
4. What's your typical washing routine when you have a load of dirty diapers?
5. How do I know if i need to strip the diapers? How do I strip them? and how often?
6. Do you use any type of deodorizer whether is be a spray or a disk in the diaper pail?

Thanks in advance for teaching this newbee what to do!!