We've been toying with the idea of cloth diapering. So far hubs has been on board and i've sent him board posts, blogs, etc we dont know anyone IRL that cloth diapers.

He had a bunch of questions last night (he was talking to a coworker about cloth diapers) Apparently it never crossed his mind that the child might poop (?!?!).... and that he might have to touch the poop or that some of the poop would end up in our washer and by his logic we would then wash our clothes in poop.

I explained to him about EBF diapers going directly into the wash, solid food poop will get rinsed in the toilet, etc But he wanted me to ask the hive. for reference, we have a HE Top Loader.

In your experience is the percentage of coming in contact with poop relative whether you're using cloth or disposables? and have you ever had an issue with your washing machine not "processing" the poop?