LO will be making her appearance in the next couple weeks, and then I'll be off for 8-9 weeks on maternity leave. We plan to try and breastfeed, and when I get back to work I'll be pumping in the morning and afternoon, and going to nurse her at lunch.

So, I've been wondering, how do I start the pumping routine? And when? I'd love to have a bit of a stash before I go back, and would like to be able to have DH give her a bottle of breast milk every once in a while, but mostly I just want to make sure I don't do anything that might affect my supply. I suppose I just don't know if I should start within the first couple weeks, or add in pump sessions a couple weeks before I go back to work, and if I do that, when do I pump? So confused!

If are a WOHM, when did you start pumping? Did you have a 'routine' before you went back, or did you wing it?