I just don't know what to do. W is a preemie and spent almost 3 weeks in the NICU. I pumped a ton around the clock and had more than enough milk for him for a while. Recently, he hasn't been sleeping very well. I took him to his 4 month well-baby checkup last Friday and he had only gained 10 ounces since his 2 month checkup. The pediatrician told me to start taking fenugreek and blessed thistle on top of the mothers milk tea I've already been drinking. I started off taking 3/day of each but have been taking 6/day for the last few days. I also started feeding him on both sides for each feeding instead of just one side and I've been eating oatmeal.

I took him back to the pediatrician yesterday for a weight check. He gained .2 ounces. Not even an ounce. I was sure he had gained. Now, I have to give him an ounce of Neosure after each feeding. He's been tolerating it well but he doesn't want to nurse now. He just wants the bottle because he doesn't have to work for it. We've seen a LC several times. We even went yesterday after the appt with the pediatrician. I asked if I should pump after each feed and she said no, just nurse on demand. Honestly, I don't think pumping is even going to help. I don't know what happened, but I feel like my supply took a hit and I just didn't know until it was too late.