If your epidural went awry somehow, are you still traumatized?

My epidural for L went as fine as it can go. For K it was a complete disaster getting it in. Apparently my interstitial spinal spacing is small and thick (?!) and the epidural guy couldn't get it in. Three attempts with lots of digging around and he had to call in the head of epidurals to come do mine. It was a 30 minute process of non-stop poking! So. Much. Pain. Now that it's over, if I focus enough I can find the nerve and actually feel it - it creeps me out!

Plus, the first Dr was one of the hottest men I have actually seen in real life. Awkward for my sweaty crying pregnant mess of a self

Knowing how bad it was though, I would still get it again in a heartbeat. Once it was finally in I felt great and had a fun labor/delivery

I'd love to hear other disaster stories if you can stand to talk about it!