Long story short, we've decided not to attempt breastfeeding or pumping this time like we did with LO1. Non negotiable, not posting to discuss that.

It seemed like my entire hospital stay after LO1 was born, was focused on breastfeeding. She was born, skin to skin, rooting, LC was there. Any time she was awake it seemed we were working on breastfeeding.

Going into LO2's birth, I have no idea what the hospital stay looks like if we don't even want to attempt! I know we'll do skin to skin, and DH is adamant about not letting them be pushy about it. Do they provide the formula? It's probably a lot simpler (just hold and love on your baby!) than I'm making it, but it seems like if you take away the BF focus of our last stay, I don't know what else much is left!

Would love to hear positive stories from other moms who went this route!

And FYI I am a huge BF advocate and a big fan for those who can, I'm aware of how healthy and important it is, this is an informed decision.